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I have nearly ten years experience in the design industry working with numerous reputable packaging design studios in London, such as Pearlfisher and Turner Duckworth, and with private clients worldwide.

Grow is helping me to communicate and understand how interconnected the two seemingly disparate parts of my life are. 

The void that I had felt was completely imagined, fuelled by society's need for everything to be in boxes; to have it's specific niche and purpose. But if I've learnt anything from the yogic lifestyle over the past few years it's that EVERYTHING can work together. 

I started to feel a void developing between my work and my lifestyle; I love the creative challenge of my job, but more often than not the brands that I work on conflict on some level with my choices around a sustainable, responsible approach to life.

Around four years ago I actively started pursuing a more holistic, spiritual life path, working to create more balance, understanding and compassion for myself, others and the environment. 

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