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Generally, stopping is not easy in the West. Our lives are so full and focused, surrounded by stimuli, pressures and interactions. Society dictates that we should always be busy and push to become more successful. So to actually step off the rollercoaster for a second goes against our instincts.



The power of the breath is undisputed. When we focus on it, it has the ability to bring calm to the body and mind, focussing our attention in to THIS moment, rather than whatever your mind is distracted by. All yogic practises, from asana to mantra, use the breath on some level as a method of connecting with a quieter place that we all have inside.

               These two steps create an opportunity for things to flourish; mentally, creatively, and physically. Whether it’s taking a five minute break from looking at a screen or doing a meditation each day, every time you gift yourself some space, you create room for clarity and growth.

You get perspective.

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I have considerable experience of working with independent people, small businesses, and larger corporate companies too.

Anything is possible.



It might seem a little disparate, but actually it’s not at all.

The Stop. Breathe. Grow concept can be applied to anything and everything in life. Taking that pause can completely change the way you approach any task.


Design is one of my passions. Therefore I’m excited to provide creative and beautiful design solutions for people who like to approach life in a

more holistic, ethical and sustainable way. And I do it consciously.

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